"Teachers are working so hard, so hard, to educate our youth," Dwight Howard said.
Okay, the deal is teachers in lots of schools never get a break, and that's often true in schools that serve military families and those with under-privileged kids, too. DonorsChoose.org is about teachers getting the resources they need, and doing it right.
"The problem we’re trying to tackle is people are only aware of these classroom needs in an abstract, statistical sense, and
Fourteen years ago, I began teaching history at a public high school in the Bronx. My students and colleagues were awesome, but I could see that the school where I was teaching did not have the same resources as the schools I'd attended. My colleagues and I spent a lot of our own money on copy paper and pencils, but we often couldn't afford the resources that would get our students excited about learning. We'd talk in the teachers' lunchroom about books our students should read, a field trip we wanted to take, or a microscope that would bring science to life. "Crowdfunding" wasn't yet a word, but I figured there were people out there who'd love to help -- if they could see where their money was going. Fourteen years later, more than a million donors have supported projects reaching 10 million students in low-income communities, demonstrating that micro philanthropists can have a macro impact.
I'm delighted that the release of my new book Thrive will include an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children across the country. As part of the book's rollout, we're partnering with DonorsChoose -- an amazing organization that Fast Company this week called one of the most innovative companies of 2014 -- so that readers who pre-order the book before the March 25 publication date will get a DonorsChoose gift card equal to the book's list price of $26 (even if they paid a discounted price, or $10.99 for the Kindle version). This will be my personal donation. I've been following and championing DonorsChoose for years, and the book's release is an opportunity for me to pay it forward and further support their good work.
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I went to NYC a few months back for a Vanity Fair photo shoot with DonorsChoose.org staff, board members, and advisers.
Remember that the families of active service troops also serve when troops are deployed. After I introduced Stephen Colbert
Brian: Two other grants went toward the protection of wildlife. These innovations can be game-changing and very disruptive
No one wants to repeat another bailout, and politically speaking, it's hard to imagine one getting passed again within the next fifty years. But when financial leaders allow huge bets to be placed on unnatural, or synthetic securities, they simply haven't learned the lessons of the past crisis.
These high school students have great ideas -- they just need the funding and the tools to make them happen! Donorschoose.org is designed to make a little go a really long way, so give what you can.
When it comes to 2011's top stories of crises, the call for action doesn't end just because the year is coming to a close
The DonorsChoose database is full of real information on what teachers and classrooms really need, not guesswork, real data
Please check it out at http://www.donorschoose.org/craigconnects Hey, like Stephen Colbert, I'm doing this matching grants