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So what to do? If you're like me, facing the Trumpocalypse has been a three-step process. Step 1: sit and wallow in inconsolable
Americans like the idea of being ready for danger. If you have a gun in your house, you are the dangerous one in the neighborhood. Do you picture yourself in your home, shooting out the windows Western style at bad guys who want your food and water?
I spent several years of my children's early years as a Mormon "Prepper" and while it may well have been a manifestation of the years-long depression I had suffered, I thought it would be useful to explain why I now think I did what I did.
I have begun to wonder if it might not be useful for Mormons to understand more clearly why so many people think of Mormonism as a cult. Are these reasons that are true and are things we embrace? Are they true and things we might want to change? Are they simply not true and things we need to correct people about?
Bad taste or not, that's exactly what Eichenbaum is doing, with an incendiary defamation lawsuit seeking tens of thousands
Let's hope none of us ever really have to use our go bags or emergency family plans, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!
We're in this world together, and our responsibility to preserve this planet goes well beyond any single individual's bunker's walls.
A self-proclaimed "doomsday prepper" may be spending the pending apocalypse behind bars after investigators heard his survival
Perhaps by domesticating the zombie, the creators of The Walking Dead have inadvertently stumbled upon the new cutting edge of horror. It's no longer a supernatural or extra-terrestrial invasion or any sort of "evil other."
Besides holding off on more kids, they've prepared for their doomsday fantasies by taking family vacations to bunkers, instead
The growing market for survival shelters and other provisions is fast becoming big business. Dozens of companies have popped up that construct and install survival shelters, and this popularity could even create a niche market for homes with old bomb shelters.
Todays headline: "Dems to Introduce Gun Control Law on First Day of Congress." But look beneath the headline and find that it's not really a gun control bill at all. It's not even a halfway measure.
Frankly, all this "my right to a gun" stuff is getting old. It is high time we look beyond "to have or not to have a gun." There is a reason these things are called weapons. Alternatively, let's take action so these horrific situations end.
The sustainability advocates' answer to doomsday prepping is the Transition movement, which provides lifeboat-type strategies to communities hoping to "power down" their economies in advance of peak oil resource constraints of the "Limits to Growth" variety.
Beacham lives in a small town in Missouri and spends his days preparing for a pending economic collapse he is convinced is
Jason Beacham, a 15-year-old boy from a small town in Missouri, has been prepping for doomsday since age 11. Jason fears anarchy following economic collapse so he makes his own weapons.
************************* Ironically, there was one factor Shebairo could not prepare for: customers migrating uptown for
Invest in duct tape, night vision goggles and stores of non-perishable foodstuffs. Instruct your children in the science of zombie slaying (it takes a head shot). Distrust your neighbors. Hoard firearms. Get with the times or the times will get you.
However, aware that man cannot live on wine alone, Wayne has also stockpiled some essential victuals. Dog food to be precise
The Hollywood-inspired zombie craze - featuring blood-soaked ghouls rising from the dead to attack the living - has extended