This is a micro version of loving-kindness meditation, where you generate feelings of goodwill and warmth toward others by
Sleep is essential in a diverse range of organisms ranging from nematodes, insects, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals
Why did she stay? This is often the first question that comes to mind when someone hears of a bad outcome between a victim
"What? You mean medicine? Oh no, I haven't done...I was licensed in Arizona, but when we moved to Texas, I had this...thing
"You have no control over that part of swallowing farther down," she explained. "It's part of the autonomic system. You can't
Somehow this centering and acceptance is bringing me to a new place that I have never been before. I have always wanted to
Equally influential on the diagnostic process are the doctor's own temperament, biases, and state of mind. Is he impatient
Of course, my hopes velcroed themselves to the message, double negative notwithstanding, buried in the middle of her hectic
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When reflecting on the various religious, spiritual and philosophical teachings out there, it's quite interesting to see
Any of us with Parkinson's imagines the possibility of needing DBS surgery some day and hearing firsthand the specifics of
A serial about two artists with incurable neurological disease sharing fear, frustration and friendship as they push to complete the most rewarding creative work of their careers.
There's no easy way to measure a person's dopamine level, so people who wish to be more creative or better problem solvers
This article first appeared on I’m standing in the crowd in front of the stage at the small gritty music club
People often describe someone who's risen above great challenges as having an "indomitable spirit." For those with a serious illness, I believe indomitability might begin organically, not by choice, during a drawn-out diagnostic process.
Sex, bias, and mind-bending properties of natural products are at the core of witchcraft. The Tarot cards and highly intuitive witches who read them in New Orleans were fun, but all of this natural and supernatural human behavior--witch's brews, witchcraft, and witch hunts--is neuroscience.
We are all motivated by different triggers. Creative people can find wonder in art, music or a book; spiritual people can find it in their faith or search for personal enlightenment but it's often found in something as simple as the conclusion to a good film, video game or personal achievement.
In our own research we have discovered that happy couples are committed to taking care of their bodies by exercising, eating