"Just test everyone equally," the seven-time Wimbledon winner said.
The former cycling champion was accused of defrauding his sponsor, the U.S. Postal Service, by using performance-enhancing drugs.
Some drugs aren’t banned because they enhance performance — but if certain athletes are using them, they’re suspect.
In the 1980s, those in the USSR who still thought they were on top of the world must have felt the scales fall from their
Welcome to the post-truth era.
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Answer by Khadevis Robinson, two-time Olympian and 8-time USA National Champion, NCAA Champion and Coach,, on
Our increasingly urbanized celebrity-driven culture and corporate ratings-driven news media are reducing people's awareness of how essential the seas are to our economy, national security, and yes, survival.
"We are not responsible for dangers to which Ms. Stepanova may be exposed.”
The fame and glory earned by the Olympic victor is unmatched in any contested sporting event. It was as true during the ancient Olympic Games as it is in the remarkable spectacle of this summer's Rio Olympics.
Olympic swimmer Shirley Babashoff spoke out against the East German doping program in the 1970s.
As a former track and field Olympian and freshly appointed President of the International Association of Athletics Federation
Under some forecasting approaches, a few countries that won no medals at London, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines
Paid to lose or switch sides The medals, the torch relay and events for females didn't exist in the ancient games, but the
Despite continued efforts, the practice of doping persists and seems to be so entrenched in professional sports that no doping sanctions, however harsh, will be able to eradicate it.
Russia's use of state-sponsored doping to try to resurrect the glory of Soviet athletics has backfired, with its track and field athletes becoming the first entire team ever banned from the Olympics. But Russia isn't the only country in the region to go into overdrive on performance-enhancing drugs. This kind of cheating is rampant across the former Soviet Union.
On Wednesday, June 8th, an independent three-member tribunal appointed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) banned
LOS ANGELES — Dozens of Russian athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, including at least 15 medal winners, were