dorie greenspan

For more food drink and travel videos visit There's nothing better than a great cookie - but can you
The idea of baking can sometimes make even the most experienced cooks skeptical. Memories of fallen soufflés, burnt cookies or dry cake can stop you from even attempting. But we have a recipe that is as easy as, well, pie!
Dorie Greenspan is determined to show you that French pastries aren't all macarons and madeleines.
We've all gracefully descended thousands of flights of stairs in our lifetimes, but the one instance that stands alone in
Chefs We Love is a Valentine's Day tribute to those who have done great work in the culinary world -- to those who inspire
Take, for example, the first time I made Dorie's lemon cream tart (appropriately titled "The Most Extraordinary French Lemon
All of the senses can evoke memories. But it's when taste brings my past to the present that I am most profoundly affected. That's what happened with my bite of the Twink. And that's also all it took for me to toss the pack in the trash.
Farming, gathering, gardening, cooking, serving -- these essential practices have always been at the core of our private lives, and now more then ever, they are at the public hub of our conversations on how we live.
I should be clear: I have nothing against macarons (particularly if they come from Laduree). I'm a big proponent of local
Where arugula and iceberg used to be the politically defining culinary bellwethers of choice (you figure out which party goes which way), it's now, alas, salt.