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This color phenomenon will instantly upgrade your dorm space.
By Lexi Hill, University of South Carolina ‘18   Freshman year of college is literally the best and worst thing that can
Add these to your packing list before it's too late!
When it comes to packing for your dorm room, keep this motto in mind: Less is best. Dorm rooms are typically very small, including tiny closets, so stick to the absolute essentials (you'll also need to store your stuff in the summers, either through local storage or by carting it back home--one more reason to go easy on quantity).
1. STURLESI DESIGN PEN HOLDER LAMP, $140. FAB.COM This lamp not only conveniently saves space by eliminating the need for
A mom who saved all her daughter's old t-shirts put them to good use.
College students are one of the most sleep deprived populations. Sleep researcher Roxanne Prichard from the University of Saint Thomas gives us tips on how to prioritize and get the best sleep at college.
  Living in close quarters, your son or daughter will likely fall ill at some point. While you can't be there to make them
3. WordPress These big-name companies are just a few on the list of renowned organizations like Reddit, SnapChat, Microsoft