dorothea tanning

In this fascinating exhibition, Warren finds undercurrents of the surreal coursing through artworks one would not usually associate with Surrealism, deftly expanding the definition whilst introducing a wide range of works.
Peggy Guggenheim stands in stark contrast to the collectors of today, many of whom buy for portfolios and not passion and whose private museums and art galleries are not places of discovery but enshrinement. There were no six degrees of separation from the artists to Peggy who just as often slept beside them as hung them on her walls. 'I began to see Peggy... as the last of Henry James's transatlantic heroines, Daisy Miller with rather more balls.' wrote Gore Vidal.
"Unknown but Knowable States" will show at Wendi Norris Gallery in San Francisco from January 10 until March 2, 2013. See
"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," 1943, oil on canvas, 16 1/8 x 24 in., Tate Modern, London, image courtesy of The Dorothea Tanning
This week marks the end of the In Wonderland exhibit at LACMA, a three-month-long journey into the subconscious of female surrealist artists.
In the exhibition, it's possible that women could play it even odder than the hallowed Men of Surrealism. We see breasts
So, here she was: one female artist versus three super-macho colleagues. And you know who won the battle? Yes, you guessed it right: Frida left the boys in the dust.