There’s no place like home, and Dorothy’s 1939 missing ruby slippers have finally been returned back home after they were stolen 13 years ago.
Martin is right about the impact of the band's live performance raising the intensity of an already compelling combo, but
Is this a presidential election or a bad version of The Wizard of Oz? The long and perilous journey along the yellow brick campaign trail to the November election is almost over.
We've had the Golden Age; the Golden Goose; Golden Oldies; Golden Books; the Golden Globes. And now we 've got My Golden Days.
“'Laid Black' is all about getting down, getting freaky and letting loose without a care in the world," Villafane said. "We've
Electronic duo Hopium has kept their faces hidden in the shadows, but the anticipation of the resolution to this mystery
Lights has put in her time, and if "Up We Go" is any indication of how the rest of "Little Machines" will sound, it will
But the other day in my inbox, I had an e-mail with the title, 'Life is Short -- Have an Affair.' And I have to admit, it threw me for a loop. The content of the e-mail was even more disturbing. Is that the best option available to unhappy couples?
Every once in a great while, a metaphorical story comes along that captures the human experience in such a perfect way that it becomes an eternal classic.
Baum's timeless tale has staying power because it has all the elements of ancient myth ­-- its powerful, compelling, dramatic storyline speaks to something deep inside us all.
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The graphic piece includes over 900 film locations, according to FastCo. British designer Ali Johnson told the website that
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"Juror #9:" After accidentally killing a woman who has been blackmailing him in this legal drama, the seemingly good-hearted
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We've all seen Judy Garland follow the yellow brick road in the 1939's classic film, "The Wizard Of Oz," and hopefully most
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Have you ever fantasized about living in another era? About hanging out in cafes with Matisse, Picasso and Gertrude Stein
More likely, the woman was suffering from a toothache and holding her hand to her face, in the same posture that we now assume
So let's they greenlight the remake of The Wizard of Oz, and the casting begins. Can I at least make my suggestions? Rather than try to make The New Improved Loud Wizard of Oz, a big gaudy production, why not do an eight party TV series with all the best reality show stars.
How much farther will people go to gain their 15 minutes of fame? I don't think that we have even begun to plumb the depths of depravity to which people will lower themselves in the name of this Warholian American Dream.
The Professor then offers Dorothy a crystal ball reading and asks her to close her eyes and concentrate. As she does, the