It appears that some in Hollywood were surprised to hear that Jason Momoa from “Game of Thrones” spoke English, not Dothraki.
There's nearly half a year before "Game of Thrones" returns, and how you spend the time could go one of two ways. You could
Anha dothrak chek. To answer this question, you can say: M’athchomaroon! Excerpted from Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational
The course contains over 500 words from the Dothraki language including a few new phrases created specifically for the language
Although it's become apparent that English is the "Common Tongue" in Westeros, plenty of characters on the show deliver some
Thanks to the Internet, we have the technology ... sort of. Nacho Punch has created an infomercial for a Dothraki version
Plenty of authors dating back to Shakespeare have invented names that caught on with parents. But a name taken from a word that's not a name, from an imagined language? I can't think of a precedent.