double standards

People on Twitter are noticing just how different the Texas politician is being treated from the female candidates.
Racism, double standards, White denial and racial resistance are real facts of everyday life. However, for most people of color, we did not need the 2016 Olympic Games to shed light on such a grim and truthful reality.
Woman have been struggling to combat double standards and create equality with men around the world for decades. Sure, we have the same rights as men, but there are so many double standards that are still applied to our lives.
The infamous "wage gap" has been a hot topic for years now. Women feel ripped off by putting on long hours, but getting way less pay than our male counterparts. Sure, it's infuriating when you find out that men make more than us doing the exact same job, but let's not forget where the problem lies. It's not a man's fault if he is offered more pay than we are, it is society's fault. More specifically, it's the employer's fault for practicing this behavior.
Anna Wise’s “BitchSlut” tackles the messed up messages women hear about their sexuality.
Women in New Hampshire could soon face misdemeanor charges if they go topless at the beach.