Patti Mayonnaise, reigning trap queen since the mid-'90s.
"She looked at the cover of the book and, in the middle of me describing it, just ran out of the room ... which is, you know
In the show bible, it says that Doug likes banana pizza, though Jinkins never had him featured eating it during the show
h/t Uproxx. UPDATE: Nick Reboot is shutting down. The website posted a farewell message citing increased media attention
6. Skeeter Valentine: Michael B. Jordan's versatility pegs directly to Skeeter. Doug's blue bestie is the modern playground
"Orange is the New Black," which HuffPost TV critic Maureen Ryan called it one of the best new shows of the year, has already
Buzzfeed pointed out a Facebook group, founded in 2011, called, "Why the F*** Does Doug Funnie Only Mack on White Chicks
[via Flavorwire] A '90s kid also knows every word to the "All That" theme song, probably dreamed of competing on "Legends
Sweetie, darling! Edina and her pill-popping friend Patsy are back! Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Joanna Lumley (Patsy) return
After more than seven years, Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) reemerge on Sun., Jan. 8 with an "Absolutely