Doug Lamborn

Rep. Doug Lamborn flew home to Colorado and attended an in-person fundraiser after working from D.C. last week.
Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn was originally removed for a signature-gathering violation.
The Colorado Supreme Court ruling means the congressman can’t run for re-election, at least as a Republican.
People protested outside once the small venue filled up.
It seems sometimes that reporters see Democratic statements, calling on Republicans to denounce Trump's latest outrageous comment, as a political game. It's politics yes, but legit. Republicans up and down the ballot should be asked why they support Trump--or don't.
A larger number of prominent Republicans have said they'll back Trump as nominee. Still, as you can see here, I can only
Some fetal tissue is obtained, with full consent, from women who have abortions. Under federal law, women are not paid for this, and suppliers charge handling fees only.
Frank makes no mention that he talked to any entity that might have given him Planned Parenthood's perspective -- and he writes as if he may not have even reviewed the unedited version of the Center for Medical Progress' video.
Sanchez's organization, Freedom for Education, was formed in May to "strive for greater transparency in the policy process
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) defeated Democrat Irv Halter Jr. in the state's 5th District Tuesday, the Associated Press reports