Doug Mastriano

The Pennsylvania Republican, endorsed by Donald Trump in a failed 2022 bid for governor, may have listened to GOP pleas to sit this one out.
The Pennsylvania state senator and the former Maryland legislator are “stop the steal” diehards. Both were Trump-endorsed nominees for governor. Both lost.
“I mean, who cares if he calls, right?” governor-elect Josh Shapiro said earlier Sunday.
The GOP nominee for Pennsylvania governor thought Christian prophets foretold his victory. On Tuesday night, he watched Fox News tell him otherwise.
Democrat Josh Shapiro defeated pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Doug Mastriano to become the next governor of Pennsylvania.
Shapiro’s campaign highlighted Mastriano’s multiple ties to extremists, including QAnon conspiracists and antisemites.
A shocking weekend with the supporters of the nominee for governor — full of swords, demons, and wild prophecies — shows the theocratic future of the GOP.
Some parents worry that if far-right Doug Mastriano wins the governor’s race, an extreme book-banning measure will only be the beginning.
The host of the "Late Show" explains why one MAGA candidate is 10 points behind in the polls.