Douglas Bruce

"Your complete lack of care, concern and compassion for anyone but yourself fits perfectly with your obnoxious and bullying personality."
If Keyser, who hopes to unseat Democrat Michael Bennet, keeps going after reporters like he's doing, he risks creeping into
Several thousand in fines may be small pittance compared to the tax-evasion charges Bruce already faces, the largest of which
While the purpose of TABOR was initially to restrict the growth of government, it didn't make a provision that would allow
Douglas Bruce, the Colorado Springs anti-tax activist, was indicted today for failing to pay taxes, according to the state
Douglas Bruce, a candidate for the Colorado Springs City Council, has spent more than 20 years in Colorado politics as an
A judge has levied $11,300 in campaign-finance fines against a group run by anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce for not reporting
Neither Douglas Bruce nor anyone from his Active Citizens Together group showed up to a legal hearing Tuesday in Denver in
Anti-tax crusader Douglas Bruce has tried to distance himself from three tax-slashing initiatives on November's ballot. But
Douglas Bruce -- the "Mr. X" behind Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 -- has managed to find himself in more ethical trouble this year than most elected officials.