douglas county school district

The district security director was able to make the purchase without consulting the school board.
The voucher program passed the Douglas County School Board unanimously in May. On Monday the Douglas County School District
7News reports that a small group of parents marched outside the district's administrative building on Thursday in protest
Unanimously approved by the school board last May, the voucher program would have used public money to send 500 Douglas County
WATCH: Read Defendants' motion to stay injunction: Defendants Motion to Stay Excerpt from the Plaintiff's response to motion
However, the following is an excerpt of Judge Martinez's order granting injunctive relief: A few of the private schools in
The district’s contract with its private school partners says any voucher payments to the schools are pro-rated, meaning
Under Colorado's first voucher program, up to 500 students would be allotted $4,575 in taxpayer funds each to attend a tuition
That case applied specifically to higher education, so long as an independent governing board exists to preserve academic
Months ago scholarship students withdrew from their prior schools; those slots have now been filled. Students have enrolled
"The Colorado constitution is clear that public funds shall not be spent on religious indoctrination, yet that is exactly
Three civil liberties unions plus some Douglas County parents filed a lawsuit this morning against the authorization of funds