Douglas Kmiec

I was delighted to learn, but not surprised as a veteran of the Reagan Justice Department and Obama State Department, that no criminal charges were to be recommended, nor pursued, with regard to the former Secretary's email practices.
For a little while America can view these early campaign months as what one of my dear friends puts it: "an incredible piece of [political] theatre!" But given the escalating threats against world order, the allowance for humor or tolerance of those who extol ignorance as virtue must be short.
Stephen's natural ability to unmask the often discriminatory nature of conservative argument ("I've got mine, good luck getting yours") was exceptional in the former show, and hopefully it can be incorporated in the present "Late Night" format.
When I was serving as US Ambassador in Malta, my driver and friend asked "how is it Ambassador that a rich country like yours leaves the care of the sick unaddressed?" I had no real answer to give in a country with universal care being delivered in state of the art facilities.
Religious freedom issues continue to roil the United States. The gay community has demonstrated that any assertion of religious belief will be given little leeway or respect if it is used to exclude or disadvantage of gay couples.
Having dodged the issue several times before on procedural grounds, many scholars think the prospect of the high court approving of same sex marriage is very likely. They are mistaken. It is far more likely that the Court will decide after argument that review or certiorari.
Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. , the long-serving ex-President at the University of Notre Dame died last week. Father Ted, as he was affectionately known, gave me the privilege of teaching at Notre Dame for nearly 20 years. His friendship transformed and shaped my life.
For some time now, law professor and former prosecutor H. Mitchell Caldwell has been deeply troubled by increasing incidents of prosecutorial misconduct in the state courts.
The sacramental side of marriage is quite significant, and when honored can be liberating in surprising ways. Women are still bearing a far greater share of responsibility for child-rearing. We need a female president to actualize the potential of the female gender.
Across the nation, voters --- like the patriot in the nearby illustration -- are expressing total exasperation with both political parties and looking independent.
No, all these things and more have been faithfully reported by the local press, and perhaps more importantly, deeply felt
Putting us on? Yep, the notion that a for-profit corporation is the equivalent to a little church With the cash register
In other matters, too, John Roberts has avoided placing his court ahead of the consensus of the American people. For example
Here's a newsflash for the Roberts Court: Corporations are not persons. Like a legal Frankenstein unleashed, the conferral of personal rights upon the artificial person of a corporation undermines the rights themselves.
While it was not argued or well-presented in the briefing materials either, one way for the Chief Justice to escape his dilemma
Rather than being devoted to finding the best policy alternative, the divisions of party leave us to pursue only the second or third best alternative, usually the one that gives the least amount of credit to the other side. It is a downward spiral toward ever more narrow and inflexible partisanly limited options.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has been slow to rein in his defense minister -- in all likelihood to shore up his own domestic
The absence of a Chief of Mission in Cairo has confused both sides, especially since Senators McCain and Graham pronounced recent events to be a coup.
Having few ideas of one's own and repeatedly finding a way to deny Democratic action to meet modern day problems can hardly be claimed as a Senatorial privilege -- which, of course, it is not.
While others in the Republican Party may find it tempting to diminish the exemplary service of Secretary Clinton, it is a temptation that will be as unfair to her extraordinary diplomatic service as it is dishonoring of the lives of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods.