dove ad

The moment a dad-to-be learns he's going to become a parent typically involves an overwhelming rush of emotions. Happy Father's
In a new marketing campaign for Dove, psychologist and body image specialist Ann Kearney-Cooke presented "real women" with
According to Mashable, the video advertisement has been translated into 25 different languages, and viewed more than 114
Reactions to the ad have been mixed. It has gone viral on Facebook with women sharing it and leaving comments on Dove's page
It's worth noting that Dove is owned by Unilever -- the same company that owns Axe, king of misogynistic ads that use headless
Watch the video above and go to to see more. Would you participate? We've long admired Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign
Both "Manthem" and the Dove body wash ad that offended so many people this week were produced by the advertising and public