Dover Air Force Base

President Donald Trump reportedly has avoided going to Dover Air Force Base to honor fallen soldiers after he got berated on his first visit.
Vice President Pence attended "dignified transfer" ceremonies for two years by himself after the father of a slain SEAL "rattled" Trump In February 2017.
Mention the United Service Organizations -- almost universally known as the USO -- to most Americans, and the first thing
Through Independence Day, HuffPost Impact is running a series of stories called "Breaking the Roles," highlighting the servicemen
President Obama chose to spotlight the ultimate sacrifice that so many of America's servicemen and women have made -- and the military families who carry those sacrifices as well.
Obama didn't have to go to Dover. Bush never went we're told. He could've stayed at the White House and kept some distance from the war. But instead he put himself firmly in front as commander in chief.