dow jones industrial average

As the pandemic surges, people berated the outgoing president for patting himself on the back over the Dow Jones milestone.
Investors fretted over a resurgence in coronavirus infections and a grim economic outlook from the Federal Reserve.
This hasn't been a banner period for the market, but both the RNC and President Trump bragged about this week's gains just the same.
Twitter users say Dan Patrick thinks older Americans want to "die for the Dow."
Market watchers say more big swings are likely until the outbreak starts to slow down.
Some indexes are set to close out their worst week since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008.
The Dow Jones fell more than 500 points after the president attacked Jerome Powell and "ordered" U.S. companies to cease relations with China.
President Trump's favorite market indicator doesn't tell the whole story.
A possible government shutdown is one of many factors driving down the stock market.
The consolidation in oil appears to be over and given their relationship, the Dow together with Crude oil could be gearing up to trade to new highs.