down syndrome

"Though this sentiment was probably meant to be encouraging, it was not. I wanted to scream."
Mattel released its first-ever Barbie with Down syndrome.
The toy company collaborated with the National Down Syndrome Society to create the new doll.
The Puerto Rican model is featured in the brand's newest campaign.
The mother claims that the suspect, reportedly a school employee, was allowed to continue working for several days after the incident.
Democrats see “abortion as the cure for Down syndrome,” Matt Wolking tweeted as the Trump administration moved to stop federal funding of the program.
Instructor Michelle Roberts and dance studio Miracles in Motion bring joy and movement to kids’ lives.
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As prenatal testing reduces their numbers at birth, an advocacy group argues they belong on the endangered list.
The suspect, Paul Anthony Menchaca, pretended to be a woman hiring nannies to bathe and change the diapers of an adult son.
The comedian dug himself into an even deeper hole while trying to clarify his offensive statement about people with Down syndrome on “The View.”