down time

9. Take time out of every day for some down time. It is essential to include, especially in a rushed schedule, some time
This article first appeared on On weekdays, my son Felix hits the wall at five o’clock. It’s cocktail hour, when
I know being happy, contented, and present myself will be the best thing for my children, but how do I get there? I have to resist the urge to do. I have to stop cleaning, scrolling, planning, thinking-- and tune back into my center, into being.
The only thing my youngest child needed from me was me. She needed me to ask her if she wanted more water or crackers, a pair of cozy socks or her favorite blue Elephant Lovey. She needed my sympathetic smiles and nods, my kisses on her warm forehead, my lap to sit on.
Creativity doesn't happen during sessions of "Angry Birds." Creativity happens during the down times when your mind wanders and makes connections you wouldn't normally consider.