Downtown Miami

Do not underestimate the scope of this story. Miami is not growing anywhere near as fast enough to warrant all the construction
Miami Dade College also owns the Freedom Tower and it is a part of the Wolfson campus. The Freedom Tower is Miami's greatest
Outside in the breezy air a huge flat screen broadcast Senator Marco Rubio's presidential announcement to the public who couldn't get inside the Freedom Tower.
As someone who lives two blocks away and is not cool with losing the park for a month (I use it daily to walk the dog) I still say let Ultra stay, but like barely.
Buskerfest Miami is an annual festival in its second year bringing together dozens of performance groups spread across Miami's emerging downtown corridor, primarily at Metro Mover locations.
I loved the Latin-influenced culture, the vibe, the energy, the white and blue buildings erecting into the skyline, the Art Deco hotels, the food, the people -- I mean, I loved it. I had to go back. And so I did.
You could see the potential, I mean you could really feel the potential of this park becoming kinetic. Museum Park is another indicator of how it's such a wonderful time to witness Miami.
One doesn't typically equate Miami with prehistoric ruins, but today the city has a bona fide archaeological controversy on its hands. And while my knowledge of antiquities is best measured by how many times I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, I do know a good PR mess when I see one.
A huge find in downtown Miami this week — archaeologists uncovered an ancient Native American village could date back 2,000 years.
The Malaysian-based casino operators have proven they are only interested in one thing: opening big casinos.