Dr. David Katz

I am getting a flu shot, and so are all members of my family ― and you should, too. That’s the simple truth in plain light
The principal aim of the SNAP program, formerly “food stamps,” is important and simple: to ensure that poor people struggling
The big medical news of this past week was a seminal study of prostate cancer, suggesting that when it is diagnosed, we men have options―including the option of waiting.
As recently reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, and subsequently just about every media outlet under the sun, the Sugar Research
I keep turning up in the Yale Daily News lately. I wouldn’t necessarily know about it, because I don’t read the Yale Daily
I am just back from a sequence of speaking engagements at scientific conferences in and around Cape Town, South Africa and
I know, you keep hearing conflicting reports about saturated fat and health outcomes. So do I. Most recently, just a few
I concur with the New York Times editorialists who, among others, declared President Obama’s speech in Dallas this week a
We are a species. Perhaps that’s a bit of a blow to our modern, so-over-biology, Homo sapien arrogance; but it’s true just
Given the almost dizzying frequency of diet-related headlines, the one true revelation about nutrition is superficially the