Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

During his first speech before the United Nations Tuesday, President Trump proudly offered the world a vision of hope and
But in thinking about the choice voters are facing -- to remain Scottish within Britain, or to become solely Scottish -- I was reminded that Scottish writers have been thinking about the themes of split personalities and multiple identities for the past few centuries.
The 8th House of your birth chart rules death, sex, taxes, investments and transformation. You may be thinking: "Am I going to die rich with a smile on my face?" The answer may depend on how transformed you are.
Some of the greatest books in literature are now available in the public domain - yet the public domain editions are often
It's a wonder this dark play was ever turned into a musical in the first place.
Even Moses had trouble when he began writing The Book of Genesis. That is, according to Paul Laudiero's hilarious tumblr
For the past seven years, Katie Cromwell and Jensen Carp at Gallery 1988 have been showcasing pop culture-themed artwork