The first daughter tells "The Dr. Oz Show" it's an "incredibly important" issue to spotlight.
A doctor's visit is as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as clean eating and consistent exercise. If you have any issues or symptoms, especially any of the below, don't be afraid to speak up and let your doctor know.
With the first day of summer less than two weeks away, it's the perfect time to talk about enjoying the sun safely, cooling down with healthy sips, and exercising in the great outdoors.
In a first time, one of a kind gala event, TurkOfAmerica selected 30 influential female leaders from across the U.S. to compete in 30 categories to be crowned The Most Influential Turkish-American Women.
Let us be as comprehensive in our approach to addiction as it is in taking lives. Every stakeholder, physician, public official and addiction counselor I speak with is thrilled at the momentum and strategy revealed today.
People are already interested in reading about and watching celebrities. Using their life experiences and health journeys as an expository case study not only is stealth public health education. Charlie Sheen did a good thing and has given us a platform. Let's use it.
The safety of a pesticide should not be determined without all of the information on the toxicity of all of the ingredients, the magnitude of the exposure to those ingredients, and availability of other non-toxic alternatives.
I am asking every family to have a conversation at their dinner table. This conversation could save lives. Lately I've been speaking to people who are asking for help with another problem that many are too embarrassed, or ashamed, to discuss. This public health crisis now kills more Americans than guns, falls, or even car accidents.
Normally it's unusual to see a White House official member joking with a member of Aerosmith, but this day was a coupling of pop stars, government leadership and average people who have formed a cooperative trifecta -- the first organized national response to addiction in this country's history.
I hugged the young woman and told her to keep up the fight and let her light shine, and promised her that I would make sure that it did. Join me in being the voice of change and end the silence. Share your story of your personal path from addiction to recovery or celebrate a loved one who has. It's time.