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The Texas family says they didn't spot the animal until their 3-year-old grandson had drunk half the beverage.
A Facebook rumor claimed the company had sold its recipe to Coke and was shutting down.
The first Lil Sweet ad debuted in February. Guarini made a name for himself in Season 1 of "American Idol." After losing
One of Dr Pepper's early slogans was "Drink a bite to eat at 10, 2 and 4," to help prevent the low energy that some felt
We'll never know for sure exactly what goes into these foods and drinks.
The mythical namesakes behind some of your favorite foods.
Who is Dr. Pepper? No one knows exactly. Rumor has it Pepper was the father of a young girl who Charles Alderton, the pharmacist
Whenever we equate the radical fringe, whether they be Muslim extremists or Christian fundamentalists, with the majority of a particular religion, we empower the fanatics.
At time of writing, the ad on Dr. Pepper's Facebook page had received more than 140,000 "likes," more than 900 comments, and
Going to college is expensive, but you don't need to be a genius to get a scholarship to pay for your education. Love Dr
We've pulled together five of our favorite, no-fuss food recipes infused with everything from beer to soda to bitters, so that come Sunday you'll be happy no matter which team you're pulling for.
Emotional and obviously very happy, Padilla-Rodriguez said, "Dr Pepper is seriously the best thing that's ever happened to
This year, Texas marks the 175th anniversary of its independence from Mexico. To celebrate, here are six stops that take you to some of the critical spots in the culinary history of Texas.
Pressure to resolve the dispute at Mott's apple processing plant in Williamson, N.Y. increased last week when the region's apple pickers said they'll cross the picket line to harvest this year's crop.