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“I’ve been prostituting on and off for about three years to support my habit,” admits Niki, who says she tried heroin for
Two years ago, Niki and her boyfriend Jessey moved to Florida where they say they now exist day-to-day, chasing their addictions
Arianna, 17, says that when she was in sixth grade, she learned the meaning of transgender and says she could relate. Three
Lily, 16, says she came out to her parents as transgender when she was in the sixth grade at age 12. “When I was younger
Andre says that he was “stunned” to learn that he has type 2 diabetes. The fire department captain and paramedic says he
Identical 16-year-old twins Taylor and Tricia have been best friends since birth. Parents Vicky and Robert say the girls
Sixteen-year-old identical twins Taylor and Tricia are caught in a cycle of bingeing and purging that their parents say has
Thirty million people in the United States have diabetes, and about one third of people who have type 2 diabetes don’t even
In 2007, Jessica was struggling with anorexia and weighed 97 lbs. “I want to be scary skinny. That’s my goal,” she said at
Erika says doctors have given her only a few months to live due to her struggle with an eating disorder. “My anorexia is