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Have you ever had a great idea, perhaps a product that you thought could be hugely successful ... and then you see that your
An all-new season of Dr. Phil premieres September 14!  The number one need of all people is acceptance, according to Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil compares life to a river, explaining that they're both always moving and can't be damned up for long. "I want people
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: "How much of my life is what I had in mind?" In the "Tip of the Day" video above, Dr
In his "Tip of the Day," Dr. Phil explains that there are two important factors for being an effective parent. "One is the
It’s your job as a parent to always try to see things through your children’s eyes — no small feat now that the online world
In his “Tip of the Day,” Dr. Phil explains that we need to constantly reassess if our relationship as a couple is working