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A fan of the foodie memoir, I was eager to find the book 32 Yolks at this year's East Hampton Library's Authors Night. Needless
We take words for granted. Take for instance erection. You mention erection and you think of sex. In order to consummate
From Dr. Ruth's advice on finding love to censoring female pleasure in porn, to considering kink as a sexual orientation, HuffPost Live looks back at conversations about all things sex.
Erica Jong's book about old people sex is getting some pretty crummy reviews. But who cares! Here are 20 quotes about old people sex. We hope these words make you long for some boot-knocking deep into your retirement.
How can I be cool and approachable when it comes to these chats if I give half-truths and I can't even talk about vaginas?
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach told JTA that “anyone in the Jewish community should strongly object” to what Westheimer said. I know
Watch Dr. Ruth elaborating on the topic on HuffPost Live: 7. Finally, recognize boredom as the biggest danger to a relationship
I became Expedia's editor-at-large and continued to travel and upload stories and media from all manner of coordinates. And
With Valentine's Day this weekend, famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth said in a HuffPost Live interview Thursday she wants couples
And who knows? Buying bulky undergarments might have their own benefits in the libido department -- it if means foregoing
The sexpert says she is proud of her "tremendous number of followers" and to be, at her age, "a part of this new generation," but admits she is worried about the impact of social media overuse.
The 85-year-old relationship guru sat down for an interview with Redbook to talk sex, dating sites and infidelity. When asked
Becoming Dr. Ruth is not just an ordinary, clichéd pop biog. There is a tale of struggle, perseverance and survival mixed in with all the sex therapy talk. There is, yes, quite a bit of sex talk, including a not-very-dramatic section where she answers questions from dial-in callers with naughty-for-an-old-dame answers.
By the time we got there, the tent at Gardiner's Farm was chockablock with browsers and book buyers, especially at one table
Renowned psychosexual therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer joined HuffPost Live Monday to explain her "mixed feelings" about NBA
Dr. Sonjia Kenya considers herself a multicultural Dr. Ruth for the 21st Century. She is a certified sexologist and serves as sex columnist for the South Florida Sun Post. She recently authored the book Sex In South Beach.
Westheimer, better known as Dr. Ruth, first became nationally recognized in 1980 when she began hosting a radio show called
"But you!" she exclaimed as her finger once again pointed at Hunt, "You use contraceptives!" After complimenting the film