dr. sue johnson

So the next time you're up to some endeavor in self-love, first remember who has loved you and who you have loved. The vivid images in your mind of those who have loved you will take you to your place of self-love much faster than whatever else you are being taught.
When a woman in business mentions to a female colleague about a rift in her relationship, the advice I hear from the choir of really well-meaning women entrepreneurs is usually similar to the following.
"I think we're trying to reduce love almost to a commodity," she added. "[There's this attitude of] 'go on the web and find
To hear more about the science behind the "L" word, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above. But clinical psychologist
We like to think love is serendipitous and all about the fairy tale. But in her book "Love Sense," Dr. Sue Johnson shares the science that shows love is not illogical or random. She joins Caitlyn to discuss.
Being authentic in relationships is easier said than done. It requires that we tend closely to our actual felt experience. Rather than defend and protect ourselves, it means finding the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and then show that to a person we want to be close to.