Dragon Con

In the photo, a guy dressed as Killmonger gives "BBQ Becky" some serious side eye.
"We have seen a very positive response," they told HuffPost. "Her illness can be very depressing and leaves her feeling separated
William Shatner, appearing at this weekend's Dragon*Con in Atlanta, is quite the busy (renaissance) man. Sure, you may know him from his Priceline commercials, his huge Twitter following, or some tv shows and movies you might be familiar with.
Through his career, Adam has taken very seriously the responsibility, through his show and other avenues, promoting the passion for learning and discovery that is a hallmark of his personality.
Dragon*Con is like the Mardi Gras of geek conventions, a fan party that can be eye opening to some. It was so energetic and different to me, I wrote a book about it after my first time there.
Three female fans of the Adult Swim series "Venture Brothers" don't just watch the show, they become the characters. Read