Justin Ward's road trip drama features trans actor Tyler DiChiara as Kai, who is nobody's victim. The movie hits the Burbank International Film Festival on Friday.
“Scandal” may be over, but fans won’t forget Kerry Washington’s impact as a powerful black female lead on a TV drama.
Neil Gaiman's fantastical book-turned-television epic “American Gods” has all the elements of your favorite TV dramas combined.
A proposal of marriage in desperate times: Rasheed (Haysam Kadri) and Laila (Nadine Malouf); his first wife, Mariam (Kate
A brooding actor named Seul-Woo and a naive country girl named Young-Woo were arranged to be married when they were kids. Now adults, the time for their marriage has arrived. Essentially strangers, the newlyweds must now learn how to deal with living together, clingy exes, betrayal and their own complicated feelings for each other.
What if your nature is to think negatively? There are specialists who know how to help you (or someone you know), but YOU
(All photos by Ronald L. Glassman.) From the first to the final scene, the acting strengths of the cast quickly ease any
  Turning Myself Into Two Characters... I've always sensed that the fire in my belly - the stomach ache that turned into
5. Life's messy, live happy Disappointment only comes when you argue with the reality of the holiday line-up on your calendar
An appeal for human decency: Dorcas (Dawn L. Troupe) and patrolman Bracken (Cassidy Brown) An emotional Addison (David Everett