After landing at Heathrow, I stopped to see Hatfield House, the childhood home of Queen Elisabeth I, and a great example
In the 1950s, Charles Steffen was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which may or may not relate to his curious mode of rendering the human form.
9,000 Circles R(k)=(1/120)+(1/18)(sin(60πk/9000))4+(1/18)(sin(160πk/9000))4. 8,000 Ellipses 8,000 Circles 10,000 Arcs 8,000
Mathematical formulas enable us to create an infinite number of beautiful images. Below are ten mathematical images which
Pi is an international number. This number can be a symbol of peace between nations. The following image is a public domain artwork that I have created in honor of Pi day.
According to Albert Elen, senior curator of drawings and prints at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, black chalk was Fra Bartolommeo's
Mathematics can be a powerful tool to create works of art. By using mathematical concepts, we can draw interesting shapes. The human face is one of the most popular subjects in art.
Butterflies always remind me of the beautiful nature in the world. In this post you can see three butterfly drawings with their mathematical descriptions.
I have created the following images by thousands of circular arcs which are defined with trigonometric functions. Such families of arcs are very useful to introduce beautiful shapes.
In this post you can see four images with their mathematical descriptions. I have created these images by trigonometric functions.
R(k)=(1/50)+(1/20)(sin(41πk/10000)sin(πk/10000))2. R(k)=(1/32)+(1/15)(sin(37πk/10000))2((sin(πk/10000))2+(3/2)(cos(πk/20000
It is interesting for us to see heart-like mathematical shapes. We can introduce an unlimited number of heart curves using basic functions.
where X(k)=sin(10πk/16000)(cos(14πk/16000))2, Y(k)=cos(14πk/16000)(cos(10πk/16000))2, A(k)=(1/400)+(1/12)(cos(14πk/16000