dreams from my father

“Every father bears a fundamental obligation to do right by their children,” the former president said.
by Amina H. Imagine going through life feeling like a foreigner among your own people. Imagine being called, “weird, abnormal
"Respect came from what you did and not who your daddy was."
Ben Carson's dream, or at least his interpretation of it, had the effect of elevating himself to a position of singular cosmic importance. It would not be too strong to say that Carson feels he is on a mission from God, a mission first revealed to him in a heaven-sent dream.
What D'Souza did is part and parcel of the right wing's campaign to paint Obama as, in the words Mitt Romney used to describe the president's ideas, "extraordinarily foreign."
More than six months after losing his reelection bid, former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is moving closer to publishing his
Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy "The failure of America’s approach toward the
Unlike the typical politician, Austen always signals the artificiality of her narratives. If only political narratives -- or all the pundits insisting we need them -- could be as honest. But what politician says, "enjoy the artificiality of my American success story?"
Don't fault his personal narrative. We could actually use a lot more people with an exalted sense of purpose, all across the political spectrum. To have big ideas, you've got to have a compelling story first.
Yesterday the interwebs were abuzz with stories about Obama's "composite girlfriend" -- the supposed bombshell that the story in Dreams From My Father about the white woman he had an affair with wasn't strictly true.
Embrace or not, the video was largely considered a dud. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, however, claimed it showed Obama
In 1995, then-professor Barack Obama went on a very modest tour with his just published memoir, Dreams From My Father. During the tour, he underwent his first national interview on the PBS show Connie Martinson Talks Books.
Colbert tries to argue that she was a terrible mother because she left Barack with her parents during high school so that
Memoir, as its Latin root indicates, is a selection of subjective, often partially forgotten, memories. Readers do not expect memoirists to be journalists. What matters is trust.
WASHINGTON — In the fall of 2007, while helping her ambitious older half-brother, Barack Obama, campaign for president, Maya
Know that you are always voting, at least in part, for echos of a common journey, and for the hope that once your hero wins the victory, he or she will not be changed by it.
Psychiatric therapy is often considered a helping profession, but not right now when the press pack is off on one of its
The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to "Liu Xiaobo for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights