I was running--faster than I ever run. A part of me couldn't believe I was running so fast. It felt good until I had to stop--up ahead I saw a barrier, and I needed to stop. I was feeling out of control, finding it difficult to decelerate my speed. As the barrier got closer, I barely had time to think about what would happen if I crashed into that wall...
What makes trauma trauma rather than simply pain or suffering -- is this element of utter despair and the feeling of the absence of God in that moment.
British sculptor and multimedia conceptual artist Jane McAdam Freud continues to excavate deep within the bowels of humanity.
What is the difference between falling and flying in dreams? Some people would say it is a matter of attitude, not altitude.
As we learn to tap into the hidden ally within every nightmare image, we discover that many things once fearful to us can become sources of joy and freedom.