dress code

“Lots of old school power is tied up within these codes, especially those prescribed norms reflecting economic class, race, stereotypes and gender expectations.”
The Pennsylvania senator dropped a timely reaction after his choice of attire sparked Republican backlash.
“The world watches us on that floor and we must protect the sanctity of that place at all costs,” they wrote in a letter to Chuck Schumer.
Critics are blasting Erick Erickson for a classic false equivalency.
"We are fighting, again, for a woman’s right to choose something, and this time it’s how she covers herself,” said one Democratic state representative.
Dozens of girls discovered that their photos had been altered to add more clothing.
Learn about the rules and risks, whether you're wearing a MAGA hat or a "Vote" T-shirt.
Tips and tricks for supporting and concealing what you've got without breaking dress code.
"I've been told by co-workers that I initially looked intimidating until they began working with me."
We talked to professionals who don’t fit cis-heteronormative standards about how workplace dress codes can reinforce sexism, racism and gender identity repression.