The 'Jennifer's Body' star said her son Noah brushes off criticism from kids at school.
It's a cheaper alternative to Rent The Runway, with more size offerings.
If you love layers and hate deciding between pants or skirts, you'll love this trend.
Find a bridesmaid dress that's cute, affordable and figure-flattering.
Fall florals, velvet and midi wrap dresses to get you through the season 🍂
When a parent has a child that wants to participate in beauty pageants, it can be both a joyous and stressful event. It is
A Sophisticated Sheath Don’t forget about slip-on sneaks. Get the look.  A Striped Tube Dress White sneakers: They truly
Reluctant to sit down, I faked my way through the evening and was hesitant to consume too much more wine or water in case
Social media can help brides gather ideas, inspiration, and plan, but it's also causing indecision overload. We're finding that brides-to-be start out feeling excited, thrilled to finally be designing the day they have been dreaming of, but that exhilaration can quickly meld into anxiety, stress, and confusion.
With Easter around the corner, it's time to think of ways to dress the kids up appropriately for family activities, but also comfortably for romping about for the annual egg hunt.
Now is the chance to demonstrate your love of fashion and your appreciation of Irish design. Wear Irish in March and post
Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images 4. Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney It's Cookie Lyon's world
I had the opportunity to sit down with Maria Aristidou, the Greek fashion designer. Her answers to my questions about her
Now that it's officially winter and you've opened your holiday gifts (including those you cleverly gifted yourself!), it's a good time to take stock and think about your wardrobe in terms of the New Year ahead.
It's time to pop the champagne and celebrate the new shopping landscape that is on the horizon in 2016.
By Jennifer Casson Tripucka, BRIDES These Are THE Top Wedding Dress Trends For Spring 2016 The Best Wedding Venues in the
There's the potential to need several dresses and shoe pairings within a week for different soirées -- the annual work event, the family gathering, the cocktail party and more.