The differences between stuffings and dressings seem to straddle geographic regions and, in some instances, racial lines.
It looks so impressive, it is just as delicious, and it is in fact fairly simple to make.
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Remember: You're better than bottled dressing.
Barbecue season is here and with a cool tzatziki sauce, your grilled meat will taste even better.
You'll be rewarded with silky aiolis, mayonnaise that won't break, and vinaigrettes that hold together for days in the fridge.
Clothes should never be uncomfortable. Yet you have made dresses that we can't sit in without revealing our privates, pants that don't accommodate our bellies after lunch, and shoes that cause bunions and other foot problems. Why do you do that?
There is real benefit to be gleaned from dressing your transitional body well. Looking good now can get you hooked on looking good: It can establish a habitual desire to feel awesome when confronted with a mirror.
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Life looks different at 4 a.m. That's not just a philosophical statement. Nor is it a comment on the half-hour of introspection
It's really an art more than a science.
The life of a politician is nothing but varied and the unwritten dress code can at times prove of little help.
Let's keep it simple, I thought. And so a black shirt and jeans it was going to be. You can't really go wrong with that now
Homemade ranch dressing in just three simple steps: mix, shake, and stir.
Let's face it. Caring for a person with Alzheimer's is hard work. You may have to deal with personality changes and difficult behaviors. What I want to achieve in this article is to offer some ideas about five things Alzheimer's caregivers should never do.
Everyone can use personal style as a tool for cultivating self-care and reflect self-respect. No matter how tall you are or which birthday is on the horizon or where you carry the most jiggle, you can learn to flatter your figure.