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The NBA's No. 1 draft pick arrived in town to huge expectations and a sweet gift from the Saints quarterback.
The city won't let go of critical call that may have kept its Saints out of the big game.
He eclipsed Peyton Manning’s previous record of 71,940 yards with a 62-yard touchdown pass to rookie Tre’Quan Smith during the second quarter of a 43-19 victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday night.
"It gets harder as the kids get older," the future Hall of Fame quarterback said.
The foot pain New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees experienced Monday was likely to be sudden and excruciating, according
My wife and I were able to keep a watchful eye on our newborn son while he was in the NICU thanks to an unlikely ally -- New Orleans Saints quarterbac Drew Brees.
New Orleans reminds us of a slew of things, including boutiques, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and did we mention bars? There's no question the Big Easy is notorious for Mardi Gras and wild nightlife, but the scenic streets of these districts hold much more culture and history than many visitors realize.
Drew Brees visited Conan O'Brien Wednesday and basically proved it is in fact easier to handle ... er ... throw balls when
Tony Romo is not going to win the NFL MVP this season, that much is clear. There are too many other great quarterbacks having monstrous seasons: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, to name a few. And his teammate in the Dallas Cowboys backfield, running back DeMarco Murray, is firmly in the conversation as well. But at 34 years young, Romo, fresh off his second serious back surgery, is enjoying the best season of his illustrious (if highly criticized) career, and he has most definitely earned the right to be at least in the conversation about MVPs and elite quarterbacks.
Yet again in the MVP conversation, Rodgers starts what is the first week of the fantasy playoffs for many with a home game against the worst pass defense in the league.
Despite throwing for 371 yards and two touchdowns during Sunday's win over Tampa Bay, Brees also tossed three interceptions
Even Falcons fans have to admit, this is pretty darn cute. Drew and Brittany Brees already have three boys -- Baylen, Bowen
After three sons, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife are now celebrating the healthy arrival of their
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently went skeet shooting with some footballs and frisbees. Just like everything
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