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As extraordinary as these times may seem to us, Harvard reminds us we have been here before. It is in some ways reassuring at this 365th Commencement to recall all that Harvard has endured over centuries.
Following months of debate, the Ivy League school laid out new rules aimed at pushing more clubs to go co-ed.
"Slavery is an aspect of Harvard's past that has rarely been acknowledged or invoked."
Today, as we embark on this new academic year and as we welcome to campus individuals from a wide range of origins, backgrounds, locations, and circumstances, I would ask that we pause to recall and reaffirm our purposes and our opportunities.
We are not merely fighting for Harvard to change its investing practices; we are asking Harvard to align the largest higher education endowment in the world with humanity's best hope for survival -- instead of actively undermining it.
On Campus caught up with President Faust shortly after her speech, and began the conversation by asking her why she finds
It seems Harvard's anti-divestment decision might be simply put, a practical fund-raising strategy. But the school is missing even bigger opportunities.
Glassdoor asked employees the following question: Do you approve of the way your CEO (president/chancellor, in this case
Take a look at Harvard University President Drew Faust on the Colbert Show Monday night. She stopped in to talk about her
Faust and I discussed recent developments in teaching and learning, growing university-wide collaboration, the role of religion in curriculum, bridging research to practice, and the future of the institution.