Jurors in Peterson's murder trial weren't supposed to link her disappearance to Savio's death, and prosecutors were prohibited
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports that Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since
Wait until the end of the teaser to find out why the movie is called "Untouchable." Let the viral phenomenon commence. Peterson's
"[The state police] made it seem like no woman, no mother, would ever just disappear, but as this most recent case shows
He says he sleeps on a lawn-chair mattress in a cold cell, where he is being housed in isolation and is frequently strip
According to the Tribune, Judge White will allow the following pieces of hearsay evidence, among others: Peterson's defense
Drew Peterson's Harley-Davidson motorcycle has been sold. A private buyer purchased it for what Peterson's lawyer Joel Brodsky
The Internet auction site pulled Peterson's listing for his 2007 Harley-Davidson, labeling the accused wife-killer's motorcycle
JOLIET -- Drew Peterson's jury is supposed to be picked in exactly a month and a day, but his lawyers are poised to launch
A piece of the Drew Peterson -- and the Harley-Davidson -- lifestyle can be yours if you score the high bid on an eBay auction
A co-worker testified today that Drew Peterson offered him $25,000 to kill his third wife. Jeffrey Pachter, 35, said the
A relative who claims he helped Drew Peterson carry out a heavy barrel the night Peterson's fourth wife Stacy disappeared
Will County State's Attorney James Glascow hopes to convince Judge Stephen White that statements made by Stacy and Kathleen
Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky told Judge Stephen White Tuesday that the defense team needs more time to review some 40,000
Saying Drew Peterson's attorneys were attempting to simplify disclosure evidence into "CliffsNotes," prosecutors thwarted
Drew Peterson's attorneys wasted little time jousting for the legal high ground following the former police officer's Thursday
Sensitive information relating to the case prosecutors are building against Drew Peterson were stolen from an Illinois State