Drew Pinsky

Are Dr. Drew's "concerns" about Hillary's health politically motivated?
Unknown to many Americans, Hillary Clinton has shown courage in overcoming the challenge of recurrent blood clots. Her story reminds us of the health threat that excess blood clotting poses.
Thursday's Fox Business News Republican presidential debate in Charleston will likely overshadow Sunday's Democratic debate in that same city.
"I'm sorry, pot. I wish it could cure it. I wish. It would be great if we could just smoke a little pot and get over it. I'd
In the following interview Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about why he decided to be part of Divorce Corp, why he believes people should still get married despite the divorce rate in America, how he would change the family court system so that it's fair, and his best advice for you.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, an internist, addiction medicine specialist and TV personality, underwent surgery in July to remove his
"The only thing going on in an active addict's brain is, 'I've got to use.' And as a non-addict, I have to get re-directed on that all the time."
One of my goals in choosing to participate in mass media is to help viewers and listeners wade through the nonsense that
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