drink recipes

Cheers to 2020 with a combination of two of the best drinks around.
Take fresh apple cider and turn it into a frozen drink.
If all the ugliness has you feeling down, drown your bitterness.
So I have to admit I never really understood the hype of a coffee drink. I mean the fact that people had a countdown of the
The important thing is not to get behind the wheel after you’ve enjoyed your tipple. Other than that, in Italy you have an
There’s a ritual at nightfall, at about 7 p.m., that can transform you, illustrious stranger to Venice, into a worthy habitué
Go light on any alcohol. If I make a toast I'm usually holding a glass of kombucha. Here are 4 of my favorite drink recipes that are perfect for the holidays!
Inspired by a British wizard-orphan who shall not be named (because getting sued sucks more than double Potions class on