Drinking straw

Honolulu passed a bill banning most plastic utensils, food containers and straws on the island of Oahu, where almost 70% of the state's residents live.
There's only one type of drink you can't use these pasta straws for.
Some activists have touted reusable straws as eco-friendly, but many people in the disability community say plastic straw bans compromise their civil rights.
They'll make you rethink the things you throw away.
New recycling centers in Indonesia offer residents a place to exchange plastic garbage for money, using blockchain technology.
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Twitter users wonder why Nunes doesn't consider government subsidies to his family farm socialism.
It kills millions of marine animals each year.
Our culture of busyness has created an unhealthful cycle that's also threatening the environment.
Customers at dine-in restaurants will have to ask for a plastic straw if they want one, according to a new law.
The company hopes to eliminate more than 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers from its parks and other locations annually.