drive thru prank

Drive thru workers of the world, UNITE! Stand up against this prankster Rahat and his continued campaign of aggression against
YouTube prankster and magician Rahat just won't stop terrorizing – ok, delighting – fast food workers. In his latest drive
A skeleton pulls up to a drive-thru window... No, it's not the opening of a joke, but is actually the premise of the latest
Sometimes your drink isn't cold enough. Sometimes it's way, WAY too cold. Other times you're just a prankster. But don't
Watch the video below to find out what happens when two of the greatest drive-thru pranks are combined. Via Tastefully Offensive
We really need to institute a National Drive-Thru Workers Appreciation Day because this is just getting out of control. The
YouTube sensation LAHWF is known for his ability to pull off pranks, such as this one where he "examines" what happens when
When the reaction from the people you're pranking is "I gotta Instagram this joint!" your days of fooling them may be over
Hey, remember that guy who pranked drive-thru workers by pulling up to their window as an "invisible" driver? Well, he's
Drive thru workers put up with a lot pranks. From cone-ing to zombies, they have to put up with every ridiculous flight of
It's the end of the year, and even the art of the prank won't escape a year-end round-up. The guys over at Fail Army (worst
Sometimes, you just have to put on zombie makeup and go through a bunch of drive thrus, freaking fast food employees out
This is the third video of a magician named Rahat pranking drive thru workers with his floating cup trick, but their reactions
Mark this as the first time ice cream cones have been the center of moral outrage. The employee is probably the real winner