driverless cars

Domino’s and Ford are teaming up to test pizza delivery by driverless car.
As the technological side of driverless technology has become more powerful, we have increasingly turned to more philosophical
The authors suggest this may be stirring up trouble down the road as these expectations may struggle to be met. As with so
A combination of IoT based sensors and cheaper, more powerful computing has significantly increased the capabilities of robots
Instead of apologizing, Musk just doubled down with comments on a conference call late-Wednesday, when announcing software for all his new Teslas that will immediately automate them, essentially turning them into a robot car for a $5,000 to $8,000 fee.
AI and robotics has progressed at a tremendous rate in the past few years, and this progression has led to a number of doom-laden proclamations about its potential impact on jobs, with academics and government lending their voice to the potential downside to AI.
I'm all for innovation. I love new gadgets. My mantra is "up with technology." Still, I do foresee problems, or shall we call them challenges, with a new invention that's careening out of the pages of science fiction novels and onto the raceways of our neighborhood highways: the Driverless Car.
According to geologists, earth's tectonic plates are in constant flux. The seven major plates (and many minor ones) move in relation to each other. This movement has in pre-history had a significant effect on the current arrangement of the continents.
A century ago, touring the Paris world's fair, Henry Adams was extraordinarily prescient in predicting our current debate about ethics and technology.
Federal oversight agencies are initially focusing on autonomous vehicle safety, but they can do more than one thing at a
When most vehicle manufacturers expect autonomous cars to be on the market by 2019 ― with more than 10 million on roads in 2020 ― one would expect people to start considering the various issues driverless cars create.
It's one of the thorniest moral dilemmas in tech right now.
Even that subject - urban mobility - is complex to communicate. Experts agree that urban mobility needs to be multi-modal
"In 1994, people were terrified of the internet," Light notes with a chuckle. Now, imagine your life without it. History