A Minnesota police officer was surprised after he caught a driver breaking a new texting and driving law by… texting about the law.
The Nevada Highway Patrol hopes to turn the incident into a teachable moment for anyone who may be transporting a dead person in their car.
Airbnb for cars could change the way we get around, but traditional rental car companies want to put the brakes on these industry start-ups.
A self-driving car that was being tested by Uber was involved in the death of pedestrian in Arizona.
One group called Melinda Pavey's comment “heartless” in the wake of several road deaths.
Saudi Arabia now allows women behind the wheel. It was the last country to forbid women from driving.
Ben Lieberman created the breathalyzer of texting, or “textalyzer,” following his son’s death in a car crash caused by distracted driving.
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This past weekend was a cruel reminder to many of us located in the northern half of the U.S. that after a pretty mild fall
The catch was that the autonomous technology may have made a few alterations to the car. For instance, it might have altered
"A lot of the public discourse to date about the capabilities of vehicle automation has been based on unrealistic expectations
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I'm all for innovation. I love new gadgets. My mantra is "up with technology." Still, I do foresee problems, or shall we call them challenges, with a new invention that's careening out of the pages of science fiction novels and onto the raceways of our neighborhood highways: the Driverless Car.