driving while black

“Get your f**king hands behind your back,” a Clay County highway patrolman shouted at Robert Morton before throwing him to the ground.
The Snapchat video posted by Officer Gary Steele included a sticker that read, “Celebrating Black History Month.”
I want my kid to live without fear, even when he's driving while black.
"If you want to see a video of racial profiling, this is the poster child right here," an attorney said.
A police officer in Georgia is on administrative leave after a local television station aired dashcam video of his alarming message: "we only kill black people."
He'd been cited for dozens of minor infractions, many of which were eventually dismissed.
America is divided and hurting, and police-community relations is one big part of that hurt. But there will be no healing between black and blue, no unity, without justice. The cameras are not going away.
An ACLU report finds the racial disparity is even worse in some counties.
Rufus Scales, 26 and black, was driving his younger brother Devin to his hair-cutting class in this genteel, leafy city when
As a society, we need to come to grips with the way people of color are judged and punished for behavior that is seen as harmless in white people.
Getting behind the wheel, Bland had three strikes against her. She was black, female and fearless, a combination that is antithetical to all the vaunted white-centered narratives of driving and freedom in the U.S.
A simple request may have been the difference between life and death.
The Justice Department said it found the mostly white police force routinely targeted African Americans for arrests and ticketing
How much freedom of expression does Black America withhold in exchange for a measure of safety in White America? What do we gain by that, and what do we lose? How much of our flavor, our life rhythm do we have to suppress daily to fit in, thrive, and survive?
Maybe not your life. But somebody's.
As a lawyer in that system, I know that the American criminal justice system is institutionally racist, even though the vast majority of people that work within it are people of good will. We can change the system, but that requires us to recognize the problem and commit to making the necessary changes.