driving while high

Someone can test positive for marijuana days or even weeks after they last used it. "Marijuana-related" positive tests are not an indicator of road safety.
The most common effects of marijuana include feelings of relaxation, euphoria, disorientation, altered time and space perception, lack of concentration, and altered thought. But how does all of that affect drivers?
To add confusion to the matter, Washington state television station KIRO recently assembled a group of volunteers, had them
The results, while entertaining, unfortunately don't add much clarity to the question at hand. A regular smoker of marijuana
Colorado lawmakers struggle to define what's too high to drive. Marijuana's intoxication measurement levels become a contested debate. Joining Nancy Redd to discuss are guests Wayne Hall, Amanda Reiman, Susan Winston and Leonard Frieling.
A few minutes later, an officer spotted a vehicle at a gas station that matched the one described by the witness. Winters