driving while intoxicated

Destiny Mantia is spreading an important message in the wake of tragedy.
On Friday, critics asserted that Gocha's pardons were the direct result of his political connections. Snyder has issued only
One woman in upstate New York discovered a dangerous use for a very sweet ingredient.
Why does the frequency of alcohol and drug related car accidents continue to increase in Florida?
"[The officer] saw a vehicle go by at a slow rate of speed, and as he did, he noticed that the vehicle was missing a rear
In their own most recent statement, the NYPL spokesman said that the NYPL was "satisfied that the incident has been resolved
Sometimes, the breathalyzer test is really more of a formality. Police in North Carolina say that they were breaking down
The Register's Joe Fay writes that the diplomat is lucky to be alive. "At that level, most people would have trouble even
"He seemed confused and repeatedly told me that he was not in an accident today," the officer noted in the document. "I asked
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